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Monday, June 30, 2008

Tent Camping or Bust

I think I've mentioned that we always try to take the kids tent camping on the lake at least once a year. My parents used to take us, and as kids we had some great times. Usually, we don't end up doing this over a holiday, but this year we're trying out the 4th of July weekend.

Yesterday, we spent a relaxing "adult day" on the lake, with just one very happy, very calm 16 month old who entertains himself. (Yes, you're right, so unlike our three animals, whoops, children) We used the day to scope out our favorite camping spots, all of which were taken. So, we resorted to leaving our stuff at the best one we could find and we're hoping that next Thursday we might be able to move to a better one.

Sure, camping's fun (sort of), but after looking all over for a spot, all I could think about was how much work it is. Our boat is sure to be so loaded next Thursday, we'll be lucky not to make two trips. Then there's the packing, the cooking, the sleeping in a tent, the sunscreen, the mosquitoes, and trying not to cover the front of the boat with mud every time we get in, not to mention being with 3 kids with nowhere to run away. All easier said than done. Hmmmmmm.........I was starting to rethink this whole thing. Maybe driving down for a couple days would be better than staying over night, even at $4.00+ a gallon.

And then I remembered that I had already told the kids we were going camping. When I reminded Monte of this, he said "Yeah, YOU told them." I remembered how they ask every 3 hours if it's time to go boat camping yet? and I realized we were committed. They may act like animals, but I couldn't disappoint.

So, let the packing begin! Today marks the start of a nearly week long marathon of packing, cleaning, shopping, and quilting (to stay caught up), all in the name of tent camping. Did you ever doubt I'm crazy?

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