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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, 2 Days

It started yesterday morning. I woke up exhausted, and I'm not a morning person anyways. My car was still stuffed with everything we took to the quilt show, so the only free seats were the two up front. (I'm pretty sure I hold the world record for most stuff ever stuffed into a Durango)

I crowded all 3 kids into the front seat of my car, because I needed to unload it and didn't want to come back home after dropping the kids off to switch cars. The school is directly next to the quilt shop, and only 3 or 4 blocks from our house, which is why I figured I could get away with breaking about 15 driving safety laws.

We made it to the school ok, but somewhere in the process of 3 kids tumbling out of my front seat, one of them hit the automatic door locks. Now I'm locked out of my car with no phone and no keys. Thankfully, I'm wearing sweats, and not what my mom calls my "shortie-shorts." I proceed into the school to call her for a ride.

Amazingly, I actually locate the spare keys to my car pretty quickly and mom gives me a ride back to unlock it. I spend the better part of the morning inputting the weekend sales into the POS system and trying to make sense of my notebook scribbles while Will pulls Aiden around in the Tutto. My cash drawer is $600 out of balance, but at least I got all the sale in the system!

Somewhere around 11am, Will informs me that "one of those glass bottles" fell out of the fridge when he opened it. I proceed downstairs to find the "glass bottle" is actually a nearly new bottle of vanilla latte syrup, now in a puddle of sticky glass in front of the fridge. I do a terrible job wiping it up, leaving a sticky spot on the floor. Thank goodness I haven't painted the floor yet!

When I make it back upstairs, just as I'm trying to wrap things up, my computer locks up. After fighting it for another hour, I give up and head home. I decide to pin a quilt on the longarm while Aiden sleeps, but after pinning it on wrong twice I think maybe I should try again later.

Later, I run to Moscow for groceries. I stop at the bank to see about why my debit card has suddenly stopped working, and learn that it was tagged as showing fraudulent activity. I have to reorder a new card, and while I do that, Will manages to act like the brattiest child on planet Earth. I think I'll stick to the drive thru from now on.

His behavior continues through the grocery store. I think grocery stores need drive-thrus too.

Around 7pm, I head back to the shop to investigate my computer. After 1.5 hours on the phone with Dell, we decide my computer has a virus. I'm thankful that I'm able to make a backup of my POS files, but when the tech on the phone says he'll be happy to help me reinstall Windows as soon as I find the disc that came with the computer, I have a small coronary. "Just shoot me now," I think, at the thought of looking all over the new shop for that disc. Instead, I tell him I'll call back, and I head home to drink lots of wine.

This morning (Tuesday) I wake up to freezing temperatures outside. The battle of the computer lasts all day. I manage to find my Windows install disc, but still have to spend over 2 hours on the phone with Dell tech support to fix everything. The technician says he lives in Florida, which makes me jealous. I haven't had time to clean the furnace ducts in the church, and it was 32 degrees last night. I spend the day shivering and so cold my fingernails are blue. I think I'll add long-johns, an electric blanket, and a turbo-charged space heater to my shopping list.

Thanks to my mom and my friend Barb, the shop gets put back together today and actually looks pretty good. First on my to-do list for tomorrow is to cut 30 Moda U kits. That's after I get the stitches removed from my mouth and make another Home Depot run. I'm going to stock up on furnace vent filters and crank the heat!

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