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Thursday, September 2, 2010

When I Grow Up

It seems I still haven't decided what to be when I grow up. Yes, believe it or not, I've returned to college for round 2. After the urge to finish an Education degree I dabbled with during my Business degree years hit me last month, I decided "Why not?" and enrolled for the Fall term. Now, I'm a Secondary Ed./Math major, with an even stronger addiction to Starbucks, fed by my 7:30am Calculus class.

Yes, I said 7:30am......4 days a week.

It has been a very long time since my last formal math class. I frequently leave that class with one of two attitudes:

(1) The misconception that I actually understand the day's lecture. This misconception is quickly cured as I attempt to complete the day's homework. (Notice the word "attempt")

(2) No misconception that I understand the day's lecture, just a combination of fear of the homework and the feeling my head might explode if I don't get more espresso soon.

Yes, I am fairly convinced that Calculus was invented by a bunch of expert mathematicians.......while they were a cruel joke to torture the rest of us.

I am still here, I am still quilting, and I promise to post about something quilt related soon. Just as soon as my head stops throbbing.

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