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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kids and Bathroom Doors

Why is it that the shutting of the bathroom door is like a dog whistle for kids? It doesn't matter if I'm only closing the door to use the mirror behind it. It still results in someone under the age of 18 knocking on the other side, "Mom!?......" and inevitably throwing the door into me just as I'm carefully applying my eyeliner or mascara.

This morning, Will was insisting on a bath instead of a shower. Since Will's "bath" means filling the bathtub up with every drop from our hot water heater, grabbing every toy within reach, and playing for hours while covering every inch of the floor, walls, and sometimes the ceiling with water, there was no way we had time for that. After telling Will he was going to take a shower, I hurried into the bathroom to take my own shower.

As soon as I closed the door, Will began yelling through it.

"Mom, I want a bath!"

Even my repeated cries of "I can't hear you" didn't stop him. Instead, he continued hollering about a bath and began kicking the door for emphasis. I opened the door to find him on the floor, crying about a bath, with his legs against the door for easy kicking.

"Will," I said, "Get your butt in the bath before I beat it."

He took off faster than greased lightning, leaving me standing in the doorway and wondering why my empty threats suddenly worked. Usually threats of beating elicit nothing more than laughter. So, why did he take off so fast, I wondered?

Well, I had only to rethink exactly what I had said to figure that one out. The sound of the bath tub filling made me realize that I'd said "Get your butt in the bath." Thinking I had finally given in, Will had taken off before I could change my mind.

Darn, fooled by a 4 year old, again!

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