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Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Grade Mafia

This past Monday was my daughter's 7th birthday, and all week she's been trying to decide who to invite over for her sleepover. Today on the way home, she and her sister were discussing possible invites, when a girl we'll call "Suzy" came up. "Suzy" was no longer in the running, after she had apparantly helped herself to some of Kylee's LPS's.

It turns out that my daughter had taken her "LPS's" (Littlest Pet Shop toys) to school, and "Suzy" had apparantly taken a few. Five, to be exact. "Suzy" claimed they were lost, so she couldn't give them back.

I instructed the girls to make me a list of missing LPS's so I could call "Suzy's" mom and ask if "Suzy" might have borrowed them. While they were making their list, I heard the following tid bit of conversation.

7 year old says to older sister: "See, that's why I wanted to invite her. So I could rip her arm off and you could throw her outside."

And that's how I know my daughter's in the First Grade Mafia!

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mjbeid said...

You must be very proud. :)