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Thursday, September 23, 2010

When Did I Become a Real Mom?

I've been a mother for over 13 years now, but I was never a real mom until just recently. Without me even trying, true motherhood just snuck right up on me.

It started back in August, as I was preparing the kids for school to start. Kylee and I had a conversation about getting ready for school in the morning. Kylee is not a morning person. In fact, she is just the opposite, as in don't even think about looking at her, talking to her, or asking her to do anything she might not want to do until at least 10 a.m. unless you like to be growled at. (And I do mean growled)
In an effort to save the rest of my household from unneccesary agony, I discussed laying out her clothes for the following day. "I'll lay out an outfit for you, and then when you get up you can just put it on," I told her.
She gave me "the look," but didn't really say much.
Two days later, the topic came up again. "Remember, I'm going to start laying clothes out for you the night before, right?" To which Kylee replied:
"Yeah.......But could you make it look like you didn't?"
"Well, if you pick my clothes out, could you make it look like you didn't pick them out?"
Then, fast forward to last week, when Bailey came home and shared that she was running for school Vice President. I, being a super-excited, proud mom, immediately began coming up with great campaign slogans. I was quickly informed that I was "embarrassing and un-cool, and under no circumstances was I allowed to tweet or blog my campaign ideas!"
Then: The final medal on my "Real Mom" chest. Shopping on Monday, I noticed that one of my favorite clothing stores is now selling their own leggings, which are very in style right now.
My exclamation of, "Look, Bailey, they have leggings!" elicited this response:

"Oh. My. God. Mom. You cannot buy leggings."

"Why?" I ask.

"Because, Mom. You can't wear leggings. That's just wrong."

Wow! Suddenly I was having flash backs of my mom's stirrup pants. Specifically, of how un-cool those stirrup pants were. But suddenly, it's me, and what are leggings if not stirrup pants without the stirrups?

Oh. My. God. I've turned into my mother! But I thought I was so much cooler than that....


Mom said...

That is too funny. Now you know what a great mom you really have.

mjbeid said...

LOL! I should keep up to date on your blog more often because this brought back memories of leg warmers that I hated to have to wear that are also now back in style, huge sunglasses mom used to wear that are now back in style, and of course the leggings. :) I hope Pais isn't a fashion diva like Ky and Bay or I am sure to be the most embarrassing mom ever some day!