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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All About Me

My name is Mindi, and I own and run a quilt shop called "The Crazy Quilter" in a very small town in Northern Idaho. I am married with 3 kids, which you'll hear about often if you visit my blog! I am posting a picture from this past summer. They are part of my "crazy," most of the time in a good way. In between being a mom, I eat sleep and breathe quilting. My own mom is also a great quilter, and without her my shop would not run! My mom and I make samples, order merchandise, teach classes, ship customer orders, and do everything else necessary to make The Crazy Quilter successful. We couldn't do it without the help of a couple friends who like to quilt so much they are willing to make me samples for the shop! Thank goodness for them, or I would never sleep!

I opened the shop in April of 2007 because I love to quilt, yet I could not find the fabrics and patterns I love in any of the shops in this area. I can't seem to do nothing, quite the opposite! At the time I opened the shop we were building a new house, I was going to school for Accounting, I was working at a bank, and my family was in crazy chaos because we were working night and day on our house! We lived in a tiny little apartment while we built, and it was the most trying year of my life! Luckily, we all made it out alive, a small miracle for sure! All of this led to the shop's name, "The Crazy Quilter."

Although life has settled down since we moved into our house, is is not boring for sure! Life with my 3 kids never is, and my husband and I love to do 100 things at once, so we are always on the go. Although he is a logger, not a quilter, he did offer last night to try piecing since I am so behind. (Even if he did insist I close the blinds in case a neighbor would see him, it's the thought that counts, right?) After I explained that quilting is more than feeding the fabric through the machine and putting the pedal to the metal, he retired to the couch.

I plan to share my projects in this blog, as well as new products and fabrics I come across that I love, along with tid bits from my daily life. Hopefully some of you out there will find this entertaining and informative enough to visit often! If so, post a comment occassionally so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself!

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