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Monday, July 7, 2008

Tent Camping was a Bust!

Yep, it sure was. All in all, not a great weekend. I guess we're not very good holiday campers, because between the incredibly rude people who stole our camping stop, the heavy boat traffic, and the booze hounds, we would have rather stayed home! Add the grand finale of a broken boat prop, and I can think of much better things we could have done this weekend. Anybody have a quilt they want quilted, a REALLY BIG quilt? Because I have a boat to repair.

Thankfully, we did find a camping spot, and we did have a good laugh watching the people across the lake get busted for lighting fireworks. Thanks to a noisy animal of unknown species, I ended up cuddling with a scared Kylee while Monte wrapped up in the Disney Princess sleeping bag. Here's a pic of the kids collecting firewood. A fun "game" until Kylee grabbed a stick out of the center of a red ant nest and proceeding to scream in terror because one ant was crawling on her.

Back to work we go. The boat's off to the repair shop, the kids are starting T-ball, and the quilt machine is smoking once again. Plus, I have a super duper, extra humongous, gigantic project that starts next weekend. Stay tuned for the details!

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