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Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Older Sister

Did you know I have an older sister? Neither did I, until now!

If you read my blog often, you already know that possibly my least favorite question in the world is "How Old Are You?" Well, now I have some company, because I'm pretty sure it's now my sister's least favorite question too!

Last night we were both at a house warming party. My sister recently moved back into the area, so a lot of people don't know her yet, and most of them didn't know I have a sister. It seems that the question du jour last night was "How old are you?"

To be more specific, "So you're Mindi's older sister?"

My sister happens to be 3 years younger than I am. Ha, Ha, Ha. Need I say more?

Hey sis, I'll give you my baby face, but you have to take The Hair with it!

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mjbeid said...

Ha ha, I'm not really laughing. I'm still young and beautiful thank you very much. I look good for 28, right? He he, let the rumors begin....