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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Books and Patterns

Over the past week, I've fallen even farther behind on everything, especially with some help from everlasting mouth pain, scorching weekend temps, and a weekend long party at the lake. The thought of the upcoming quilt shows and impending shop move is enough to overload my mind! Thankfully, it's raining here today, for the first time in a long time, and it has put me in the quilting mood, which will hopefully make things easier.
With Fall fast approaching, there are so many patterns I'm hoping to try out. I managed to make a Crazy Jack wallhanging yesterday, which was so fast and easy, and makes an awesome wallhanging for October! Others I hope to try before Fall is over include Gourds, Stars, and Punkins, Pumpkins in a Row, and Pumpkin Soup.
Another new book worth taking a look at is Barabara Brackman's newest, Making History:Quilts & Fabric from 1890-1970. Especially if you are interested in quilting history, this book has excellent info and tons of pictures, along with directions for 9 reproduction projects.
Last, the bags and wearable projects craze continues. A couple new patterns that arrived this week, Little Charmers Skirt and Jumper, and Sweet Delight Tote, can be seen under Bags and Wearable Patterns

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