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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Names for Hair Dye

See, the funny thing about black hair is that it's really hard to match the color and get a natural result. We've all seen those ladies whose hair is so black it looks neon blue.

I don't dye often, but lately the grays come faster and faster. Since my #1 is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER actually buy "black" dye, but stick with the darkest shade that isn't black instead, I thought I was safe with "Natural Black" instead of the darkest "jet black." Boy was I wrong...

The last time my hair glowed like this was when I dyed it for fun in highschool. And I don't mean a good glow. Here are some alternate names I've come up with for "Natural Black."

"Too Poor to go to a Hair Salon"
"Why I Didn't Go To Beauty School"
"My Hair Glows in the Dark!"
"Now You Know Why That Hair Dye Was On Sale"
"You Can See My Hair From Space"
"Well, At Least There's No Gray Left!"
"Who Needs a Halloween Costume, Anyways?"

And the ever popular, "Holy Shit!" which is what my mom said when she saw my hair. Yes, I've now joined the ranks of women whose hair is "so black is looks neon blue." Just in time to head off to Houston. Oh Joy.

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