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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Books Featuring Embroidery and Quilts

The book I ordered from an Australian designer at Quilt Market finally arrived today! Along with a couple patterns from the same company, this book, A Boy's Story, has become my motivation to start doing more hand work!
The book is full of fantastic boy quilts, for boys of all ages. There are some quilts with minimal or no embroidery, but the one that stole my heart has equal piecing and embroidery work. The embroidery sections are stunning in their creativity, and capture the essence of little boys perfectly.
And then there's the embroidered door signs, with sayings like "Toxic Waste Dump," and "Pretending to Study," they are to die for!
I will definately be starting a quilt from this book soon. I am also offering a beginning embroidery class for anyone interested in making their own projects like this. Trust me, if I can do this hand work, anyone can!
If you're already into hand work like this, check out their 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar pattern!

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