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Friday, November 16, 2012

Too Much New!

I came home this evening from the quilt shop overwhelmed at how little of a dent I made in organizing and putting the new stuff away today! It seems like everything I ordered over the past month decided to arrive on the same day.  Right down to the pellets to keep the quilt shop warm and toasty, which my dad awesomely took it upon himself to pick up an entire pickup load's worth!
I want to share some of the great new products we have in the store with you, but I'm taking it slow, just so you don't get as overwhelmed as I am today! So, I'll be featuring new products on the blog for a few days. 

First up, great new signs from Bainbridge Farm Goods.

When I came across these signs, I knew I had to have them.  In my case, it was the chicken signs that did it. My mom decided to get her own chickens a few years ago.  They are the happiest chickens I've ever seen, and who could blame them? Their chicken house is none other than a chicken condo!  It has nicer siding on it than my house...

I just knew my mom needed this sign. Then, I found out they make a whole bunch of other awesome signs. Perfect for our little corner of North Idaho!

There are signs for horse lovers, dog lovers, flower and vegetable gardeners, the list goes on! Choosing my first order was difficult to say the least.  In fact, they haven't even hit the store shelves yet and Mom has already purchased swiped the orange "Happy Chicken" sign.

I won't be able to sell these online, the shipping is too awkward.  But, if you're in our area you can check out all the styles we have in stock starting tomorrow.  The signs come in 2 sizes, and they are made to resist weather and UV damage. What a fun addition to your yard, home, garden, or chicken condo!

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