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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Somebody Pinch Me!

Aiee!!! I have a brain freeze, but it's not the kind of brain freeze you're thinking of! I have a FABRIC brain freeze. Why, you ask? Because Moda has just posted their new fabric releases through October 2008. Instant brain freeze as I browse the new releases. And then what do I come to........Oh no they didn't!

But yes, they did, they've released a new COFFEE line. And immediately, all other lines blur and my eyes are zoned in on one. I'm obsessive about certain things. Reading the latest Stephen King, house cleaning, quilting, and oh yeah, COFFEE!!!!! And now Moda has gone and combined two of my biggest obsessions, coffee and quilting. Now, other designers have created coffee lines. Yet, they're often too fake, cartoonish, and "cheesy," (like the colored yard lights), for my particular tastes. But not this line, Oh No, not this one. If it looks as good on fabric as it does on the website, then I already have one fabric line chosen for Fall. Yikes, do they know what they've done? I see a very big fabric order in my future......

Here is a sneak peak of "Bistro," by Deb Strain:

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