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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ride the Waves!

I ordered a new toy yesterday. No, it's not a sewing machine, or a new quilting gadget. It's a wakeboard!
I've been wanting to try wakeboarding ever since we got our first boat 3 years ago. Now, I'm finally going to get my chance. Just to be sure I can get as many weekends of practice in as possible, I even paid extra for expedited shipping. Plus, it has flowers on it, to keep Monte from showing me up!

Hopefully, my one calling in sports will be water sports, because, trust me, land sports aren't it. At 6th grade basketball camp, I took a basketball to the gut and passed out. In junior high volleyball, I couldn't even serve it over the net. By highschool, I'd given up and taken up cheerleading instead. Still, I wasn't exactly at the top of the pyramid. Now, I'm on a mission to prove I do have at least an inkling of capability in watersports.
By this time Sunday, I will either be riding the waves like a pro, or unable to walk upright. Should be fun!

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mjbeid said...

Just think, if I almost killed myself on the kneeboard, that could be danger! I'm still recovering, so maybe give me another week and I'll be ready to try it. Monday I felt like I got hit by a bus!