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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My How the Time Flies

This evening Kylee and I spent some time digging through the "too small clothes." The "too small clothes" are a group of Rubbermaid totes filled with clothes Bailey has outgrown. I have always saved them to pass down to Kylee. It has been a very long time since we've gone through them, and I'm happy to say I don't need to buy Kylee anything for school this Fall!
Digging through those clothes is like digging through memories. So many of those clothes make me recall specific days, or just how Bailey looked before she got nearly as tall as me, with bigger feet. The jean skirt I can still remember her wearing the first week of second grade, the dress she wore in class pictures, so many memories! It has me feeling a bit nostalgic. But.......some memories are better left in the past.
Why, oh why, didn't I get rid of that coat? I guess because it's in brand new shape and I hate to waste things. The coat is extra big, super duper puffy, and bright yellow. Not a nice yellow, but raincoat yellow. It's the one time I ever asked Monte to buy clothes for the kids by himself. The cold weather was upon us, Bailey needed a Winter coat, and I was home sick with the stomach flu. The result is this monstrosity of a coat that only a father could love.
Who buys such a coat for a girl, anyways? My husband, I guess. I didn't say anything, didn't return it to the store, because then, how could I ever ask him to pick up anything for me again? And now, since I'm too frugal to toss it, I get to re-live it all over again this year. Probably, since it looks like a boy coat anyways, I'll end up saving it for Will to wear, and I'll get to savour it for another year soon. Then, just to be sure I spread the joy as far as possible, I'll pass it on to my nephew for my sister to cherish. At least, for one year, we'll be able to spot our kids in the crowd!

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