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Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Monday........or not.

Hopefully you're having a happier Monday than I am. I spent the morning getting a wisdom tooth pulled, so I thought I would post before the numbing meds wear off and I have to resort to the happy pills.
First, I feel the need to brag, because yesterday I figured out how to stay up on the wake board for longer than 5 seconds. Current record: About 1 minute. Now I need to practice turning left, since I keep getting stuck on the right and can't get back.
This past weekend was the Crazy 8 Poker Shop Hop, which went well. This coming week is the online "back-to-school" sale for A lot of things in my store have been marked down for the sale, which is online only.
We hope to start hanging Sheetrock sometime this coming week, but nothing's for sure. Sept. 1st is coming up fast, which marks the day we get to start fixing up the church building that will soon house my quilt shop. We will be making a lot of cosmetic changes to the interior, hopefully moving quickly enough to be moved in by the end of September. My Mom came up with this new slogan for the shop: "We're Moving to a Better Place!"
Today I'm working on quilting a gi-mongous (translation: super huge 110x120) quilt. I hope to complete it, but it won't be easy! Also this week I will be:

Cleaning out the inside of the boat for next weekend, removing all pine needles, Doritos crumbs, and sand.
Attempting to set a new quilting record for number of quilts quilted so I can finish some of my own for the upcoming Labor Day quilt show in St. Maries.
Hoping, praying, and begging God not to give me dry socket again.
Thanking God for Hydro-Codone.
Making a run to Home Depot before my 10% coupon expires.
Mowing our yard, pending the sighting of any more snakes.
Trying to finish school shopping, without a certain whining 6-year-old in tow.

Happy Monday to everyone! Here's to a productive week.

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