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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Am I Being Punk'd?

It's already began. Someone can't find my bunny. To top it off, it was YESTERDAY. The Hop doesn't even officially begin until today, the 1st of June.

I put the bunny in my online catalog, and then, just to make sure this didn't happen, I put a clue on the top of my home page. Not really even a clue, but a big, fat, flashing arrow, pointing right to the exact page where I "hid" my bunny. No problemo, right? WRONG!

Someone emailed me yesterday, (again, before the hop even begins), because they couldn't find the bunny. First, I double checked to be sure I wasn't going crazy (because, I'm already 1/2 there most of the time), and yep, that bunny was right where he belonged. Look for yourself! (and if it's not there, well, then, I must be losing it) Then, I emailed her back asking for sure if she looked at the Pumpkin Spice fabric page. She responded "yes, I was."

This is where I begin to think Ashton is going to jump out from behind a fabric shelf at any moment to tell me I'm being punk'd. Because, seriously, how is this happening? I haven't even replied back, because I don't trust myself to be totally rude out of frustration. I guess I asked for it, right? After all, I actually volunteered to be in this thing!

My mom thinks I should just put the bunny on my home page and be done with it. I'm starting to think she's right. I suppose even if I did, there'd still be someone out there who couldn't find it!

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Kyra said...

I wouldn't put it on your homepage. I'm enjoying this shop hop for the first time, thanks to you, and I find it hard to miss these bunnies. People are in just such a hurry I don't think they even scroll down to the bottom of most pages! I don't think the e-mail deserves a response, you couldn't have given a better clue. Try not to let a couple of stupid people ruin this for you! :)