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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sales Reps, The Good

I thought I should point out my outstanding sales rep, since I posted earlier about my not-so-outstanding service experiences.
Bonnie, with Moda, is my favorite sales rep. It helps that I love their fabric, but it wouldn't be so easy if the rep rarely or never visited me. (as is often the case) Forgive me if I have a complex about this, but living in a small town, you run into a lot of people who think 25 miles is soooooo far to drive out of the city. I get the feeling quite often that many sales reps have "bigger fish to fry," and so don't bother with me.
Bonnie, however, always visits me. She lets me know when she's in town, instead of skipping Deary for bigger places. She keeps her appointments, knows me by name, and is friendly and helpful. I appreciate this more and more because, as my store grows and I pull in more lines from more manufacturers, I see that I definitely don't get this sort of service from everyone.
Most of the other manufacturers and reps leave me out here to fend for myself. Some of them visit infrequently, and some don't even bother to try. It is difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to find what I'm looking for if I don't know it's out there, or can't see it in real. Many times, I don't even know what I'm looking for until I see it.
This week, I met Kathi, a rep from Blank Quilting. She was also friendly and helpful. With any luck I'll soon have 2 reps I can rely on!

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