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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I still can't believe it!

I am watching a show about Survivor tonight, hosted by last season's winner, Todd, revealing the new season's set and contestants, and I am again reminded about how stupid I was! Last October, my mom and I went to International Quilt Market for the first time ever. We were very excited to be going! Our flight left early on a Friday morning. That Thursday was my Moda-University meeting, so it was a late night. Plus, when I got home I stayed up to finish packing and watch all of my Tivo, including that night's Survivor espisode. I finished watching around midnight, and then went to bed. At 3am, we were up and on our way to the airport.

We flew to Salt Lake City, and then changed planes for the ride to Houston. I was so tired, I could barely stay awake, and so was my mom. We were in the very last seats on the plane, across from another lady going to quilt market. During the ride to Houston, we chatted with the flight attendent, and with each other about Market. The jump seat for the attendent was right next to me, at the end of the aisle, so he was there for a lot of the trip.

We had a blast at Market and flew home Sunday evening. Fast forward to the following Thursday evening, as I turn on Survivor and start watching. Immediately, I thought that there was something oddly familiar about Todd. "That's so weird, if they show his occupation and it says 'Flight Attendent,' boy will I be pissed," I thought. Sure enough, they start interviewing Todd and his occupation is "Flight Attendent." I still can't believe I was so stupid. I sat next to him for 30 minutes, he served me snacks and chatted with the lady next to me, and do you think I recognized him??? Oh No, I was too excited about Quilt Market. What was I thinking?? I still can't believe that I watched every episode of that show, and never once did it cross my mind that Todd looked familiar until it was too late. I must have been really tired! Of course, I probably saved myself from looking like a completely psycho Survivor fan.

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