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Sunday, January 6, 2008

New lists on my blog!

I played around a lot with my blog this weekend, and I found the option to post lists and surveys. I thought it would be fun, and maybe help me stay organized (somewhat) if I listed my quilting projects. Hopefully, you will be able to watch as projects move from the "next decade" list to the "currently working on" list! I also added a fun survey, which will change about every week or so.

I braved the town of Moscow today to visit Walmart and find a cord for my treadmill. Wish me luck! Monte is under the house right now hooking up the internet cable in the room where my treadmill is, so I can test out my cord. He's so nice to help me out! (or maybe he just doesn't want a fat, out of shape wife!)

I am busy tonight preparing for the week. I have orders to prepare to ship, quilts to quilt, and kids to prepare for a return to school. I just promised to quilt a small quilt by next Sunday. No big deal, right? Well, except for the queen size quilt I just pinned on the machine. I guess I'll be finishing it a little quicker than I had planned on!

Hopefully this turns out to be a good week, the verdict will come tomorrow morning as I take my youngest two to the dentist! For the sake of my checkbook, I am praying for the best. However, if they inherited my teeth, I will likely be broke by Monday afternoon!

We will probably end this evening by watching some more of the Planet Earth series, which Santa was thoughtful enough to bring Bailey for Christmas. I continue to be amazed by this series. Yes, it is beautiful because of the footage of Earth, but what's even more amazing is that my 3 kids actually watch it, the entire 45 minutes/section, with relatively little talking, fighting, and squirming! If you have a chance to see it, you should. Anything that can tame my kids is miraculous indeed!

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mjbeid said...

That's a good picture of you guys! Who's your photographer :)?