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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kylee's Take on God

A couple of years ago, the kids were at my Grandma's house when Kylee got her first lesson on God. I wasn't there, but when I arrived to pick up the kids, my Grandma pulled me aside and told me she thought maybe Kylee could use some Sunday school. Here is the story:

Kylee had some how hurt her foot or knee or elbow (I'm not sure which it was) and she was crying. Grandma hugged her and told her to pray to Jesus to help the pain go away. When Kylee looked puzzled, Grandma took her into the bedroom and showed her a picture of Jesus on the wall. "This is Jesus, and if you pray he'll come and help your pain," she told Kylee.
Evidently Kylee quit crying, and went off to play. About an hour or so later, Kylee came into the living room where Grandma was, looking around anxiously. She pulled Grandma's arm, and asked her quietly, "Grandma, is that man here yet?"

I still think this is possibly the funniest thing I've ever heard Kylee say. Since then, the girls have gone to Vacation Bible School in the Summer. Yesterday afternoon, I was reminded of it when I overheard Kylee filling Will in on her take on God.
They were talking about our dog that died last year, "Murphy." Whenever someone brings him up, Kylee is quick to tell them that Murphy is in heaven with God. Will followed Kylee into the kitchen yesterday, and I heard him insisently asking her, "But Kylee, what's his name. That guy, that's with Murphy, what's his name?" Then, Kylee turns around and says with exasperation, like she's told him a hundred times, "G - O - D, (She sounded it out slowly with exageration) His - Name - Is - God, Will!"
Then, Will asks, "Then what's he look like?"
And Kylee, cleary annoyed that Will doesn't seem to get it, replies, "You'll learn about him this Summer."

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mjbeid said...

Only Kylee.......I can only imagine the stories that she tells people :).