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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Progress, at last!

Yahoo, I'm almost done with my Classic Tablerunner! I just have to blanket stitch around the flowers in the center, and then it's on to the quilting machine. This is very exciting, since it's been hanging around my kitchen counter, then to the ironing board, then to the quilting machine table, for over a month.

I also finished the hand work on 3 of the blocks for Garden Friends last night as I watched tv. I even made it to bed early, thanks to American Idol dissappointment. I'm losing interest in that show quickly, who can watch 2 hours straight? Not me, that's for sure! Anyways, the Garden Friends blocks are adorable. I'm pledging to go back to the quilting machine tomorrow, but I'm holding a sewing day again Saturday and plan to work on more of Garden Friends then.

The new fabrics should arrive tomorrow, Happily Ever After. I'm sure this will add to my list of projects, but what doesn't these days? I already have projects planned for next Fall and Christmas! Happy quilting until tomorrow!

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