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Monday, January 14, 2008

Return of the Sun!

The sun has finally returned to North Idaho the past couple of days, and it wonderful! What's even better? I actually have nowhere to go today, and love it! I will be spending the afternoon quilting. The morning? I have spent it lazily, exploring the website of the resort in Jamaica we are going to, dreaming of the wonderful spa treatments I can't afford! I did take the time to work out on the treadmill, so that's something. What I really want to do is lay around eating kettle corn, watching Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, and Mickey Mouse (OK, not my first choices, but in the name of peace I'll settle).
I have a beautiful quilt to quilt today, a queen size quilt from the Wilderness Adventure book by Gathering Friends. It was made by the sister of a friend of mine, and it's done beautifully from Kansas Troubles fabrics. Linda, if you happen to read this, I'll be sending your quilt to you soon, I promise!
I'm excited about this week, since the new fabric designed by G.E. Designs' Gudrun Erla is arriving in store! It's called "Mementos," and the quilt "Indian Peaks," on my list to do, is made using the fabric. Who knows when I will get started, but I saw the quilt at Market and it is beautiful! G.E. Designs patterns are some of my favorites, they have good directions and they make great designs. Their book, "Destiny," is also on my list! (What isn't on my list, at this point?)
I found a neat little gadget to add to my blog, the FeedJIT to the left. It tracks who is visiting my site. It's just fun to see who is looking, makes the world seem a little smaller!
Happy quilting to you all! I'll be posting again soon about my recent discovery on the wonders of the ipod!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Wonder Pets! Their orchestra songs are the best including the phone is ringing has the lyrics.