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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who are you, and what have you done with the real me???

Monday I broke down and moved my treadmill to the living room. Normally, I like my house in order, decorated and arranged just right. A treadmill is not the perfect accessory for my living room. However, in the name of a happier, healthier Summer, I decided staring at my bedroom wall for an hour a day wasn't very motivating.
Even more strange is that I have actually been using the treadmill every day! Strangly, I find myself wanting to work out. Weird, since I usually can't force myself into it! Even weirder, it keeps getting easier and easier. Yesterday I actually did 2 miles, amazing since last week I was excited about 1 mile! (Yes, I'm in terrible shape. It turns out espresso, cookies, and muffins do not improve cardiovascular health.)
I don't know where the real me is hiding, but hopefully she doesn't return any time soon! I'm hoping the new me doesn't like espresso and sugar so much, but I'm not holding out for any miracles.
The strangest part about all of this? Monte seems to have found his inner me. "Notice anything?" I asked him, after he didn't say a word about the treadmill towering over our living room. "Yeah," he replied, "Your treadmill's in the living room. Do you really think it belongs in there?"


mjbeid said...

I wish that we lived closer so that I could have someone to work out with! Maybe it wouldn't be so embarrassing then if I fell or was sweating like a pig :).

The Crazy Quilter said...

Speaking of sweating, last week Monte saw a towel I left over the treadmill, and asked, "What, did you sweat????" like he couldn't believe I actually worked up a sweat.
Maybe you could send me a video of you in that circuit training class for motivation and laughs!