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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tarzan & Jane - Sort Of

Day 3 of our trip to Jamaica finds us relaxing on the beach through the morning. We're finally starting to relax, but the thought of that Canopy Tour is hanging over us. Still not sure how it's going to go, we board the bus that will take us there at 12:30pm. There's a video link to the tour from the link above, but you need a super speed connection to view it!

Luckily, our fears were unwarranted. After an hour long drive through Montego Bay and into the jungle, finally through a 1700 acre orange grove, we arrived at the tour site. There were about 12 people in our group, and 2 other groups behind us. The guides made jokes and made everyone feel at ease, and even though every time I jumped from a platform, my stomach threatened to leap out my throat, I made it through in one piece. I didn't look anything like Jane on that zip line, but Monte was much more graceful.

Obviously, we made it back to the resort in one piece!

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